The Wall Keeper

No one tries to sell me tickets to the Olympics;
They know I can’t go.
The guard in the tower
Begs me to climb the wall
So he could shoot me and make a corporal.
The spinster flaps her dentures when she hands me my mail,
Like a retired whore, she hates men
But she wears a ring, and pretend she’s married
Dentures and all.
The faggots call each other “girl”
Boy George is happy.
The warden plays checkers with his secretary,
Sends her for coffe so he can cheat.
The days stalk by me,
And I’m her immobile,
Fixed, stationary,
A reference point in time.
I lay back staring at the ceiling,
Then I look at the wall for a change of scenery.
I open old letters from friends beyond the wall.
I asked Lufthansa for a travel brochure,
I must’ve fooled them!
They sent me a flight schedule,
And an invitation:
What’s the summer like in the Canary Islands?
How should I know?
If I go, who’s going to keep an eye on the wall?