My good and merciful god, you know that I don’t approve of this
That I don’t approve of anything that offends you
Yet you will approve it: habit and greed
But lord, the heart of an upright man…I mean, the abominations . . .Leviticus VIII
Better sleep and dream

And the dream was: a sort of viaduct in the mountain
The watch casting its hands like arrows or syringes against the eyes
A horse with two blind heads quartering the body
And the dream was:
A horse with six feet two heads escaping one to the north the other to the south
Vanished. It was:
I was drawing trying to capture the landscape: that tree populated with birds against the horizon
Before (or first and not before) something had captured me: many birds no horizon
and the riders moving away one to the great salt marsh the other to the glacier on the same animal
Vanished. It was:
I was running with the spear which was a pencil in my hand after the bird with white wings. Two wings
The order was to capture the bird draw it bring it back transformed into a hero
The horse told me our hero will be two, and with us, three, the great hero, the excluded

Vani                 It wa                li          an instant


From The Shock of the Lenders by Jorge Santiago Perednik, translated by Molly Weigel.  © 1986 by Jorget Santiago Perednik, translation © 2012 by Molly Weigel. Published in 2012 by Action Books.