The fears of a Little Country Prison Girl is one of the most important parts ever written in Rose Marie Davis’ life. It is Rose Marie Davis’ true story about the fears she feels, about her father’s death: she’s thirty four years of age- born in New Orleans, Lousiana. But was raised out in the country of Morton Mississippi. The true story you are about to read is true, the names were only changed, to protect the innocent. It’s easy too-comprehend; this short story of…The Fears of a Little Country Prison Girl. This outline has been put together by Rose Marie #79345; who has been presently confided at the…Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, since April 2, 1975. These facts are true.


I trust all who reads and shares my life fears; they will enjoy what they have read.

                                                                        Grows in…Christian love:

                                                                                    Davis, Ms. Rose Marie



It was approximately eleven years ago: a Poor Little Country Prision Girl…while laying in her prison bed, begin to fear more so; what’s it’s…really going to be like- once she return home again; to face, the realities that her father will no longer be home, to greet her, once…she regains her freedom again.

For at the present time, this Poor Country Girl, is, in Prison, and she’s…been there since April 2, 1975. When this Little Prison Girl first came to prison; her father had been very sick and was being transported from one hospital to another hospital for sometime…and, it wasn’t until 1976 this Poor Little Country Prison Girl had knowledge: the fact; that, her father had too have operation; okay this is where they went wrong. Some one in this Little Country Prison Girls Family had sign, giving the hospital permittion to go ahead with the operation. But they…operationed on her father for the wrong thing.

He had a kidney infection they operated on him for cancer instead. This caused an after-effect; which-caused him to come out of the operation in the front of his sack and he had made her a sack to go over her shoulder, and he carried her and her sack and his sack every day, for years.

The Poor Little Country Prison Girl quit school in her senior year, started running, the streets and ended up in prison…and a year after that her father past away as she told every one in the earlier part of her story.

Now, here sits the Poor Little Country Prison Girl, behind prison bars for life with fears of what tomorrow holds, nobody knows but Jesus Christ out Lord.

That just can’t be true: The poor Little Country Prison girl had to be put in a straight jacket and have immediate-medical attention; she had to be placed in the infirmary for a while; under observation-

The Poor Little Country Prison Girl is a epileptic, from child birth and when her illness get beyond reproach, she have to have immediate- medical attention at once.

Okay, so the Poor Little Country Prison Girl wasn’t allowed to attend her father’s funeral; so she have a picture of her father in his coffin, she saw for the very last time. That was a hard way for the Poor Little Country Prison Girl to see her father for the last time but it was only a picture of him, or nothing at all. The poor Little Country Prison Girl had many restless days and nights. Since her Fathers death: she thinks of him, constantly and, she thinks about home with the remains of her family, what will it be like without her father? Will she make it or will everything go up in smoke? The Poor Little Country Prison Girl was very very close to her father and nothing and no one can ever change those facts of life.  Her father was good to her, in his entire life her father whipped her once; and from that day until now, if he was still alive, if her father only looked at her strangely, that’s all it took: The Poor Little Contry Prison Girl really don’t know if she’s strong enough to face the world; without her father by her side. It’s sure not going to be easy, that’s for sure. She loved him and she knew where was love, understanding, confidence, a place to sleep, a place to eat, she knew where her next meal was coming from, The Poor Little Country Prison Girl.

Paralyzed from the waist down on the right side and after a few months later, he died. But this is how the Poor Little Country Prison Girl had to find out since she’s in prison: they paged for her to come to the infirmary: once the Poor Little Country Prison Girl arrived- in the infirmary she was taken into a room and they…(meaning the securities at the prison) told the Poor Little Country Prison Girl her father had died. The Poor Little Country Prison Girl ran out of that infirmary room; straight through the infirmary doors, onto the compound running, screaming, and [ Note to reader: the following sentence in this submission is too unintelligible to translate.]

When she begin to think about home for…the most important reason for wanting to return home, is gone now.

The other members of the Poor Little Country Prison Girls family; they keep in touch with her. they even comes to…visit with her, here at the prison; and she admits, that she enjoys there company and affection, but it’s just not the same as the affection she shared with her father. The Poor Little Country Prison Girl was the youngest of twelve kids, eights girls and four boys. And out of us all, The Poor Little Country Prison Girl’s father made her feel like the black sheep of the family.

And that just made us feel much closer to each other, and she loved her father; almost more than any thing in the world. And now he’s gone. Once she gets home he won’t be there: this is all the Poor Little Country Prison Girl constantly thinks about, her father. Her father was a cotton farmer, he raised cotton and the Porr Little Country Prison Girl can remember when her father used to pick cotton. He had his cotton sack on his shoulders and he had made a new opening.

She didn’t have to worry about these things, because her father was always there: but with him no longer alive, the Poor Little Country Prison Girl have all of this to worry about and what the future holds, only Jesus Christ knows.

This, Poor Little Country Prison Girl knew her father loved her and, that he’d do any and everything he possibly could for her and, to make her happy, but now…that her father past away, he’s no longer here to do anything for her; to make her happy or sad, either one.  So life feels meaningless to the Poor Little Country Prison Girl at the present times.