State of Unhappiness Das Kapital

is there bread for tomorrow or cake or something as such God may worry seemingly
when all of a sudden God is dead a poetic text in a turmoil in an uproar in a desert
God is not dead can’t speak well can’t hear well even from those closest to Him but
then God is God and so the question of bread or cake still arises just as one is thinking
of making oneself happy makes one’s happiness a delicate demand silk satin velvet
floral arabesques chief queens one at northern palace one at southern palace with a
bevy of personal attendants own dynasty own reign own kingdom own palace (correct
any orthographical mistakes that’s your job) do I have to read you the Das Kapital?
the source of Das Kapital Karl Marx (Engels) bond before the weather report can be
verified by the weather satellite like this ‘you son of a nymphomaniac’ abusive
language forget it let it be do you have a fever now? are you coughing now? do you
feel a dull pain in the chest when you breathe deeply? can you still broadcast although
disgruntled that you’d die for your beloved country? if so what will God say? has
God gone dumb having lost at dice? if you’re not a lazy bum go pile some cow dung
at the foot of that tree go pick and have ready the microbalanced fruit for King
Ashoka to chew moments before he expires and if you’re still unsatisfied go dig a
tunnel connecting the East and the West if you don’t know how to do it if you find it
difficult to do it go and consult the thing called Das Kapital

Translated by Zeyar Lynn.