New York, NY, September 21, 2006—Troubled by recent attacks on newspapers and reporters for breaking stories on controversial antiterrorism programs, more than 1,100 PEN Members and supporters have signed a petition expressing concern over the climate for press freedom in the United States.

Particularly disturbing for PEN are calls by members of Congress to prosecute newspapers and individual reporters for espionage and treason—charges frequently used to muzzle journalists in other countries—and a non-binding Congressional resolution condemning the press and calling for the “cooperation” of the media in the War on Terror.

Noting that a commitment to the First Amendment is not just a fundamental element of American democracy but also a force for press freedom around the world, the petition asks elected officials and all U.S. citizens to reaffirm America’s support for a free, unfettered, independent press.

>> Read and sign the Petition for Press Freedom

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