PEN International is concerned by reports that Jimmy Lai, pro-democracy activist and owner of prominent Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, has been detained with eight others on national security charges. Lai’s arrest, which coincides with raids on his media company, Next Digital, and the arrest of his two sons, marks the latest example of the newly-enacted National Security Law being used in a manner that disproportionately targets voices critical of the Hong Kong government.

In response to Lai’s detention, Salil Tripathi, chair of PEN International’s Writers in Prison Committee, said:

“The arrest of Jimmy Lai is outrageous; it is not only vastly disproportionate to any threat a newspaper might pose to Hong Kong, but goes against everything China agreed to while signing the Joint Declaration with the United Kingdom in 1984, ensuring ‘one country, two systems.’ That basic law is now in tatters; it is profoundly tragic seeing civil liberties in Hong Kong being snuffed out with such ease and the way Hong Kong’s once-admired police force and bureaucracy are capitulating to Beijing. Hong Kong’s independent judiciary must rise to the occasion and release Lai so that he can run Apple Daily, the newspaper he owns, without fear or intimidation, and his journalists, and indeed, all journalists, do what they are meant to do and have been doing—holding the powerful to account and tell the stories that the authorities do not like being told.”

PEN International urges the Hong Kong government authorities to ensure that the implementation of the National Security Law does not infringe on the right to freedom of speech, of the press and publication, as contained within the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Bill of Rights Ordinance.


Promulgated on June 30, 2020, the National Security Law represents the latest effort by government authorities to clamp down on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Critics fear that the broad and ill-defined language used in the legislation will result in the criminalization of peaceful dissent, causing a significant chilling effect across the territory. Concerns surrounding the implementation of the National Security Law have been shared in statements published by the independent experts of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

For further information please contact Ross Holder, Asia Programme Coordinator at PEN International, Unit A, Koops Mill, 162-164 Abbey Street, London, SE1 2AN, Tel.+ 44 (0) 20 7405 0338, email: [email protected]


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PEN International 对有报道称,民主运动人士,香港著名报纸《苹果日报》的创办人黎智英,因国家安全罪与另外八人已被拘留。黎及其两个儿子被拘捕,同时他的媒体公司《Next Digital》也被突击守查。这意味着新颁布的《国安法》不成比例地打压反政府的声音。

PEN International 被捕作家委员会作家Salil Tripathi 对黎被拘留一事表示:“黎的被捕是令人发指的;这不仅与报纸可能对香港构成的威胁不成比例,而且违背了1984年《中英联合声明》时所确保的“一国两制”的主张。基本法现已被严重破坏;公民自由已随意被扼杀,以及一向令人敬佩的警队和政府机构向北京盲目服从,这是极为可悲的。香港的独立司法机构必须马上释放,令他可以自由地经营《苹果日报》,以及他的记者,乃至所有记者,都能行使记者的权力向当权者说出真相。

PEN International 敦促香港政府当局确保《国安法》的实施不侵犯《香港特别行政区基本法》和《中华人民共和国基本法》及人权法案条例所付予的言论自由和新闻出版自由。



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