(NEW YORK)— PEN America issued the following statement, mourning the passing of author Martin Amis:

“PEN America mourns the passing of Martin Amis, the renowned novelist, memoirist, non-fiction writer and our devoted PEN America member and supporter.  A venerated stylist, storyteller and provocateur, Amis brought his sharp literary sensibility to spirited dialogues, impassioned activism and intellectual ferment.  Defying genres, form and formula, Amis’ long career was marked by continuous innovation and reinvention.  Amis shouldered the political weight associated with being a leading public voice, speaking out on nuclear proliferation, terrorism and religion.  Nested in a community of fellow luminaries who were his peers and longtime friends, he helped animate the best of writerly New York and its atmosphere of candor, debate and creativity exercised and expressed with wit and panache.  Martin cared deeply for fellow writers, and joined campaigns to defend them and secure their freedom when they were persecuted or jailed.  We will all miss him, and send our deep condolences to his treasured wife, the author Isabel Fonseca, and his entire family.”

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