(NEW YORK)– PEN America issued the following statement in response to calls for Penguin Random House to cancel a book by Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

“PEN America rejects calls for the cancellation of a planned book by Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett.  We have serious concerns regarding the increasingly ideological orientation of the Supreme Court and the risk it poses to the rule of law and the sanctity of the American legal system, bedrocks that underpin the protection of free expression and human rights.  But if editors have concluded that a book by Coney Barrett— who is by definition a highly influential figure as a justice of the nation’s highest court—is of value to audiences, that decision should not be overturned at the behest of protesters who reject Coney Barrett’s views.  It is the role of major publishers to make available a wide array of ideas and perspectives. In so doing, they afford readers, critics, historians, and journalists insight that can help elucidate truths, expose falsehoods, and deepen our understanding of consequential individuals and events.  The decision to publish a book should not be construed as an endorsement of the views of the author or subject.  Editors should play a role in raising tough questions in preparing a book for publication to ensure that work serves the public interest in terms of thoroughness and veracity.”

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