(New York, NY) — The literary and free expression group PEN America today chastised the Nigerian government’s decision to suspend Twitter and to bar broadcasters from using Twitter for reporting purposes. PEN America’s Matt Bailey, digital freedom program director, said the following:

“The Nigerian government’s suspension of Twitter is an outrageous assault on its citizens’ rights to receive information and express themselves online. In barring news broadcasters from using Twitter to gather information and instructing them to delete their accounts, the government makes all too plain the impact of such a ban on Nigerians’ access to information. This development presents a dangerous acceleration of Nigeria’s already deteriorating treatment of freedom of expression, including the closure of civic spaces and attacks against protesters, artists, and journalists. This sort of governmental retaliation against platforms for following their own content moderation policies must not become the norm. In the wake of recent actions against Twitter by the Indian government as well, it is essential that the international community stand up for the free transmission of thought and information on global platforms.”