Fragile as eggshells,

                        Carelessly dancing on a needle;

                        Oblivious to the face,

                        We have no right to freedom.

                        Cuffs and chains,

                        Are wrapped around me;

                        Unfairly banished

                        From all society.

                        Choices were made,

                        Consequences to be endured;

                        For another man’s decisions,

                        My misery is their cure.

                        I befriended a deadly tide,

                        And got smashed with a brick;

                        Now clinging to a mountainside

                        With nails snapped to the quick.

                        Most exits have closed,

                        Been locked up tight;

                        Darkness is setting in,

                        to live infinite night.

                        In a maze of lies,

                        I am searching for a key;

                        To prove I am not,

                        What they made me out to be.

                        The cold concrete walls,

                        With solid steel doors;

                        Moonbeams and starlight,

                        Will shine on me no more.

                        Desperately wishing for,

                        Just one last chance;

                        How graceful I’d be,

                        For I learned how to dance.