we ran long distances
volunteered with dogs
found our cars in towing yards
across town from our apartments
waited in vestibules
of county jails for daughters
taken by accident
just long enough to
fantasize about a future
taking shape over coffee
picked at high altitudes
by gentle knowing hands
taking shape in the hard chemical
dye of beauty shops
out of the firm substitution
came unrestrained
waves of hot seratonin
churned into wild uncompromised
song in the produce aisles
among the least tern
nesting beds in the surf
drought resistant landscapes
whizzing weed wackers
security check points
detention centers
star test parent conferences
we no longer passed one another
in silence but recited
Emerson and Thoreau
at the bus terminal
echoing our quiet desperation
in self evident proclamations
at the gas station
voted instead for our channeled
river’s release
held instead a neighborhood
potluck to elect the prophet
of our collective detox