A ghost! / Just a knot / on the bathroom wall
From the black depths / of the toilet bowl / a ghost emerges
A woman stands transfixed / before the ghost / by Ohkyo
Something was definitely / peering down / from above the mosquito net
The ghost / of the blind female minstrel / strolls on
Afternoon nap / I gaze down / At my own bones
Cloudy morning / I hit the skull / like a drum
All you see / is willows in the storm / The painting of a ghost.

School excursion / kids spill from the bus / without end
Who will blink first? / Two octopi / Eye to eye
Soaring high / Over the morning market / a big dragonfly
A dead loach / one white stripe / in a tubful of loaches
Memento mori / beach sandals / in such bright colors