What if Madness is nothing more than a pawn assigned to particularly susceptible individuals by an infinitely corrupt and evil shot-caller? What might one discover if he could see behind this spiritual veil?

Imagine the plots that you might hear if you were privileged enough to eavesdrop on the conversations between this evil shot-caller and one of his pawns? The following may be very close to what happens just beyond our perceptions each and every day.

JA: Ring-a-ling…ring-a-ling…

WS: Hello, this is my private line, who’s there?

 JA: Madness Sir.

 WS: This better be good son, I hate being bothered by the staff so early.

 JA: Sorry Sir- but,.

 WS: Oh spit it out fool! stop wasting my time. . .

 JA: Right, sorry Sir, but well- we’ve got a small problem Sir.

 WS: WHAT NOW?, this better not be another clean-up situation Madness

 JA: No Sir, but I’m afraid we might be losing one.


 JA: It’s true Sir, we just intercepted an unauthorized thought transmission from cell block A, listen to what we recorded.

MK: If someone is out there, I need HELP! I don’t know how long I can transmit, I’m trapped in a really dark place. My captor tortures me. I’ve most likely undergone a form of brainwashing. I’m not entirely clear how I got here or how long it has been, as I’ve just experienced some momentary sense of clarity. Since I might be caught at any moment, I’ll just give the most important facts. This is what I have gathered about the enemy:”

Madness, spends too much time knocking around in my head. He consoles my brain when my heart endures constant suffering. His halls are large, many, and never ending.

Madness, tells my brain, ‘You’ve got mail.’ So, I go running off to explore each new thought and follow him down his distinct corridors, listening to whispers, while our footsteps echo and blend, until I become hopelessly lost.

Madness, often has me thinking I’m going up, when I’m going down. He feigns enlightenment but assures blindness to every-day realities.

Madness, offers to massage my brain when my heart goes without a touch for too long. He makes perfect sense when reality becomes too cruel and painful to bare. He never leaves me lonely. He’s my constant playmate when I have no others. He connects me to me, when I’m not afforded vital connections with others.

Madness, speaks softly at first. His whispers becoroe gradually clearer as the days go on and once the honeymoon is over, he begins his nonstop yelling and torments. Once you’re securely lost in his maze of delusions, only then may you realize you’re his prisoner, a split second before you feel his whip laid upon the tissues of your mind. But listen now, because there is nowhere to hide, and every corridor leads back to the same exact spot. And never mind, reaching for the tuner because, every channel is playing ‘Hotel California.’

Madness, sure seems friendly enough from the onset, with his soft voice and inviting premises to escape pain and take sanctuary in him- EXCEPT, he’s not my friend; he lies! I’ve woke up and he’s ugly. I don’t want to play with him anymore. He might be coming any moment; Please send HELP A.S.A.P. 

 WS: Did his transmission reach anyone outside, Madness?

 JA:  I don’t have any way of telling yet Sir.

 WS: No signs of intruders?

 JA: His cell is still secure, as far as I know Sir.

 WS: I don’t like this Madness, I’ve got a really bad feeling. If His message did get through, I’ll just bet “YOU-KNOW-WHO heard it. The airwaves are constantly being monitored by our enemy. Wouldn’t ya know, that one’s always looking for some poor soul to save? He’s nothing but a meddler I’m telling ya. Here’s some free advice Madness: if he’s got plans to spring this fellow, believe me, you don’t want to meet who He’s sent. Once He sent a lion disguised as a lamb. But know this, you little worm, your slip-up has cost me one and I am still holding you personally responsible for your blunder. So, before you abandon your assignment, YOU WILL, make one last attempt to get him to commit suicide quickly and quietly so we can at least claim his soul. Besides, he’s no longer recruitable.

JA: Sorry Sir, any new assignments?

WS: Yes, matter-of-fact I do, Cell block B, (AD-SEG), second tier, last cell; thought I heard a tear.

JA: Prime real estate, I’m right on it Boss!”