In Vilnius, Aleksandras Vozbinas worked tirelessly on a portrait of the mysterious Amon-Re. (Afterwards, he and I gazed at Danish stars, drank Lithuanian vodka, discussed Peter the Hermit’s crusade to the Holy Land.) The uncharted wanderings of our passions! Amon-Re now hangs in my poor apartment in Christianshavn. Close to the porcelain owl I once inherited from my grandmother, which dates back to the Free City of Danzig.

Autumn. A season that suits me particularly well. For several days now, I haven’t been outside. I have an excellent reason: storm, heavy rain, the risk of getting a sore throat, depression at the sight of low moving clouds … Again, everything happens without me. Their little, shitty revolutions—outside my well-insulated window!

Cactuses. They know all about our money troubles. (They have all our ex-lovers by heart!) They grow fastest when we are not at home.

What terrifies me in Denmark (the land of Bohr and Kierkegaard, a caring and tolerant state, a state with a high standard of living, etc.)? What terrifies me is homo sapiens. Also in Wilanów and other wholly innocent corners of the earth. What terrifies me is homo sapiens.