BLACK breathing BLACK at the window


The interior eye       Opposite watching’s touch

In what is black white

Is by accident                      The eye detaches

As it slips from itself

What is black                      Like sky

In its scream                       Glassed

Spins                                 In a straight line

Draws                                along In a spiral


Isn’t it your dream to be visible?

A luster spins                       Atop another

Grows                                In buds


The change of season comes

In clarities                          Lifts

Airborne                             High and low

Like the light                       In our touch



The dark light that skies in whites

And in prayer the refrain repeats

Between nude walls                                      Hangs

Window against the emanation:                       Open


In ancient liquids               The black in shimmers

The harp like architecture its strings over unexpected rain

from echo to echo they draw their roughness they stop

If only I could                              Seek within lack


small incisions in the body like a drug they enter

let   slip   the   poison   they   salivate   they   seek   a   place

dream cavity: I am inside it


They graze the air the harp strings

And carry them toward you

They stretch out along the waves       Sustain us

The sluices now open

Crackle in this refraction

Movement toward the stain

What is black breathes black at the window


          Where do I listen?

The harp broadcasts

Runaway sensations                          Without roots

Shades of night blue

Between the two of us:                      Explode