Dorothea Dieckmann on Home & Away

When home is where you come from, aren’t you always away? On all your ways you want to come home again, trying to find a way. Always away on all ways home. A way away, a road abroad.

Pico Iyer on Home & Away
Home exists somewhere in the future for many of us—an idea, a vision, a language or set of values that we carry around inside ourselves and that has more to do with where we’re going than with where we came from.

Lee Stringer on Home & Away
You may be without a roof over your head but there is always some bench, some alleyway, some patch of earth, some part of the city to which, when all else of the day is said and done, you return.

Jo Tatchell on Home & Away
It is our memories that play the greatest trick of all, pulling the poles together, so that we are able to exist in both the past and the present at once, always far away in our memories of old homes and perfectly at home in the grand, exotic away.

Nabeel Yasin on Home & Away
The exile was a poetic idea in the poetry I wrote in Iraq, an existential sensation about expatriation in time and other people. I explored the complexity, the mix of feelings about birth and death, love and departure, pain and pleasure, the maze and the horizon.

Saadi Youssef on Home & Away
Exile includes the idea of abrogation—abrogating the relationship of the individual with heaven, earth and society. There is a vertical line connecting heaven—where the worshipped is—with earth—where the ancestors lie in the long repose of death. And then is a horizontal line ordering the village or the town where homes, memories and childhood playgrounds are.