Mortal (Mercury)
“Don’t make a religion of reason and logic, because in the passage of time reason may fail you. Then you may find yourself taking refuge in madness.”


Scene 1

Mercury (mortal) sits in his gothic gallery documenting past memories.
Many before me have died
trying to experience this emotion
The remedy for this perception
was created in this potion
The poison in her veins
didst open wide the doors
Knowledge holds the reigns
to the visionary core
Bliss has a thousand Faces
and twice as many eyes
Obtain the Sky God’s graces
then you will hold her prize
I took a three day trip
in a vehicle of Angel hair
Across the galaxy of Zen
but took no plane to get there
I landed in a State of Mind
called the land of All Serenity
The human language can’t define
the arch of this infinity
Datura! Datura! Please take me up
into your realm of fine oblivion
Let your tears fill up my cup
and bless my eyes with vision
Between this perpetual confusion
is a comfort so profound
reality bleeds into illusion
seeing voices while feeling sound
Losing the capacity to perceive
the waves that carry me through
a void I can not conceive
Has a red, subliminal view
Sound the trumpets of Heaven’s Tune!
the angels gather around
They sing until my mind is loon
I slowly let them come down.


Scene 2

Mercury pricks his index finger with a needle, until a thin stream of blood drips onto his stationery. He then quickly draws a pentacle. Upon his morbid state he murmurs his plea while summoning Datura.
From childhood’s hour I was alone
and knew not Love, it was not shown
My life is pure sorrow in mirth
Damn the womb that gave me birth
Only you can set me free
my diagnosis is Humanity
So Angel Datura take me high
my mere existence I now deny
Inside this world I don’t belong
please sing your gothic tainted song
Pierce my lips with toxic waste
I am addicted to this taste
Cover me with your wings so pure
you are my misanthrope cure!
Oh mortal being can not you see
that this is not your destiny
That God made you to dwell and be
a captive of the earth and sea
and Death the only liberty . . . ?
Why do you hate “ all” of mankind?
Instead of God you worship the mind
Your social dysfunction is a poison divine
so you need not drink from my vine
Why do you hate the state of living
but love deluded misgiving
If he only knew, I will be damned
For I am much meek and you a Ram
So if you are discreet
and tell not of the things you see
I will grant you my master’s power
just drink the liquid from my flower

Scene 3

Lucifer appears suddenly riding a plume cloud of noxious fire, the instant Mercury ingests her flower.
Saint Angel Datura, have you fell from grace?
to give a being your bliss to taste
You will pay for this foolish decision
to give a man a right to vision
Mere mortal with a heart so dark
do you not hold my tainted mark?
Am I not God, so may you bow
on your knees I command you now!
Your schemes are all to no avail!
For I am God and I am Hell!
I see right through your damn deception
For I now have the third perception
The poetic Genius, I am this
I create love from parts of bliss
Through this volition I hold the key
to all the hearts of Destiny
So dare you not blaspheme my name
or be devoured within the Flame!
How dare you speak to me this way?
Are you not just a man of clay?
For I am God of sin and death
and obtain the power to snatch your breath
Are you deluded or just a Fool
to threaten me with words so cruel
return to ashes upon the mire
and be devoured by my fire

Scene 4

Lucifer casts the spell to ignite Mercury on fire, but failed drastically. Lucifer is stupefied at his in ability, and Mercury gives a mocking, insulting laugh (On a cascade of roses) Tears are spilling from Destiny’s eyes who appears on the cascade of roses.
It is true what the mortal say
he has paved his own sought way
The cosmos now flow through his veins
and bounds me with its metal chains
Datura you are guilty of
stealing the God’s poignant love
then to give it a being
with the gift of revel seeing
He has acquired to brain of Nod
How could you make this man a God?
This mortal will be the death of me
For he has stolen my will to be
and now controls his destiny!
Man of Clay should have no power
and eat not from the angel’s flower
Oh Manfred’s sound reincarnated!
damn the man that God created . . . 

Scene 5

Mercury raises his hand towards Destiny and she is immediately submerged in blue flames. She screams in agony and within seconds becomes ashes. Datura goes to faint, but Mercury catches her. She begins to convulse and weep. Lucifer vanishes while Mercury licks the tears of Datura’s face. Back in his Abyss Lucifer converses with Faust.

I’ve read the good book front to back
I know the crafts and arts of black
Evil and Death is in the power of my hand
but never have I met such a man
A mortal being made of clay
Superior in the gothic way
Though I tried, I could not touch
the vital soul that made him such
So tell me Faust how can this be
A mortal who destroys his Destiny
According to the Black sage
my imps reported have said
that this mortal being way
and is, a lover of the Dead
knowledge he has plenty
but is a anarchist at heart
So at the age of Twenty
“They ripped his mind apart
He then sought pure serenity
Which you know is forbidden
Datura gave him subliminity
in exchange for his misgiven
Prior to the, his talent was Odd
now then obtaining third perception
He transformed into a Poetic God
By reconstructing man’s conception
Nine months prior to his birth
In the days I roamed the Earth
I saw Datura all alone
peacefully asleep beneath her throne
which I imposed inside her dream
to pierce her with my seduction
though how futile it may seem
she gave in to my destruction
Upon her wake she cried
I laughed with satisfaction
Her virgin holiness had died
From a sexual infraction
She searched the land and sea
To bury her secret doom
Until she found to be set free
She needed a human womb
He’s a breed of a different kind
Unlike Yahweh’s created being
though a mortal, he has a mind
with the ability of seeing
which explains his hate for humanity
For your hand is in the making
this morbid passion Fed on vanity
Left him for the taking
But neither you, I, nor God
Captured not his soul to own
and for this trivial mistake of us
He obtains a power unknown
with years he grew to understand
through knowledge that he read
He metamorphed from a mortal man
Into something “we” now dread
Datura fulfilled his idle need
before his Fate struck the hour
She’s broken every law and creed
by feeding him her Flower!
By your promiscuous lust
you have broken wide my trust
And also the balance of reason
A thousand deaths for your treason!
Good and Evil cannot confide
but yet you speak with so much pride
How dare you scheme behind my back
Forget not who gave you the Black
My Kingdom is in jeopardy.
If Yahweh seeks obliteraty
You are as guilty as she
and I the creator of thee
will snatch the breath that makes you so
and burn you to the stake real slow!
Oh Tempest God my Holy Master
spare me of your dark disaster
If given chance I will snare
this being with my pure despair
I leash upon him legion my doom
his idle soul I will consume.
Damn you Faust I have another
I hear not the words you utter
I am the hand that Fed your void
For vanity, you will be destroyed
This mortal is a threat to me
and all the gods of land and sea
The balance is so fragile thin
an idle mind can’t comprehend
He is beyond my recognition
just observe his damn affliction
By reasons of Insanity
he is not of Humanity
How do I cause his Obituary
if he is of, all that’s contrary
He is untangible, now through this
and heavily armored with her bliss
So taintly coated, with your heart
your blood, your seed, is in his part
The remedy I know it not
I’ll ponder on your morsel thought
Now leave me please alone to think
and give me your pathetic soul to drink.
Scene 6

Lucifer transforms into a fiery lion and consumes Faust. Faust gives multiple curses and threats but is soon devoured. Mercury takes Datura to a planet called Enigma. He tries to comfort her, but her condition turns grave and she begins to mumble a confession.
Matthew Elisha Raab construct your mortal name
The rape of an angel is how you became
blood of angel, seed of a demon
my only son is a Universal being
Before I die I must confess
a mortal womb I did infest
You always possessed the power
that dwells inside my Flower
what you lacked was sight
which I have given you tonight
curse or blessing whos to tell
For you Fight Heaven and Hell
Listen, for if you are to survive
Inside your army include these Five:
William Blake must be the first
upon your eyes he spun his curse
Lord Byron then shall Follow lead
with his works you make your creed
Summon Edgar Allan Poe on the morrow
‘cause is he not the reaper of sorrow?
As you should know Baal is your slave
So call him out of his fiery grave
Make sure at any given cost
you obtain the soul of Apollos.
The combination of these Five
will keep your virgin mind alive
You are the God of all Contraries
Born a mortal in the month of Aries
The language of Eli, you can speak it too
remember my son, the power is in you
Just like the Levites you were segregated
to master all knowledge until over-rated
But unlike their humility
you sought for the ability
to liberate your subordinate ways
by setting your soul and mind ablaze
In Russia Raab means Slaver
but you are more a Slayer
The Universe will marvel your name
Now I can perish without shame
Oh Mercury! Before I go
There’s one more thing that you should know
Faust and Legion are one in one
and you a victim are their son.

Scene 7

Datura’s body strickens in Mercury’s trembling arms and she dispels her last breath. Mercury drops his head in bitter awe at the revelation he’d just heard.

To be continued . . .

*Author’s Note:
The reason why I cut it short is I didn’t want to lose the reader’s attention. In the end though, I would put it all together. I hope you enjoyed it, one of my most dedicated works.