Just over a year ago, we entered the holiday season fresh on the heels of a contentious presidential election, fueling a national conversation on how to handle difficult conversations with friends and relatives with whom we suddenly realized stark and fundamental differences.

This year, we turn again to holiday dinner table discussions—on politics and current events, but also on family, friends, and what we’ve accomplished—to reflect on the last year and what lies ahead. The past 12 months have seen a surge in assaults on facts, the normalization of hate speech, public demonstrations turned violent, and hundreds of other aggressions that threaten our communities and our rights, as well as new shows of mass resistance, an increase in coalition-building, and growing defiance in the face of injustice.

As we approach the first Thanksgiving under Trump’s presidency, we asked writers and artists: How will your dinner table conversation be different in 2017? Given where things stood a year ago, what are you thankful for now?