Welcome to the world of Tyosen™, a land of awesome magic and hair-raising adventure that you discover at your own speed, using the convenience of the postal service! A novel, flexible design lets you strategize in secret with fellow players from around the world as you defeat incredible creatures, develop supernatural powers, and uncover fabulous treasure. It’s just one of several innovations that make Tyosen™ the most incredible role-playing experience ever developed!

You are not the typical gamer. You’ve played the rest, and are seeking something that will truly transport you to a fantasy world … where the only limit is your imagination. Tyosen™ is the escape that you’ve been waiting for!

Created by a dream team led by the one and only Marty Fervor (formerly of TSR; freelance play-tester for Mountains of Moralia, Shibboleth, Vow of the Amber Regent, et al.; two full-length modules published in Dragon magazine) and his cousin, James N. Fervor (ex-Chaosium, ex–Roc’s Claw Game Labs; veteran dungeon-master at several gaming conventions including the legendary Gen Con), Tyosen™ has already been drawing raves from gaming experts.

White Dwarf magazine’s Cara Shinto predicts it will be “among the best gaming systems for the money,” and Adventure Hole’s lead game critic (anonymous) goes even further: “Groundbreaking.”

Every installment of Tyosen™—delivered right to your doorstep or P.O. box—will include a striking new black-and-white image by Berris Honga, whose exquisite artwork has been featured in the pages of Basilisk and Red Kobold! magazines, on the covers of all of Decimal Games’ beloved “Micro-Module” line, and on numerous book covers for DAW=SF, Ballantine SF, Warp9, et al. His expressive originals are highly sought-after by fantasy and fine-art collectors alike. We’re honored to showcase his one-of-a-kind depictions of Tyosen™.

But it gets even better: Every twentieth installment includes a full-color Honga posterette, suitable for framing.

And to show our thanks to you—one of the first 10 responders to our advertisement—we have a special offer. We’re slashing our price-per-move fee for the first year, from $5 to just one dollar! (Your postage not included.)

That means more moves—more monsters—more adventure. And less money down toward your first Honga collectible posterette!

It’s an unbeatable value, in any universe.


Enough with the exciting praise and tantalizing offers. What is this game, exactly? How do you play?

What happens when you enter the World of Tyosen™?

First, you will receive a randomly generated set of “vital statistics”—numbers that measure your Brawn (B), Agility (A), Endurance (En), Courage (C), Smarts (S), Education (Ed), and Charm (Ch). Unlike other role-playing games, you’ll also receive a unique combination of three Secret Powers personally selected by the Burrow-chief (either Marty or James N. Fervor). The Secret Powers (SP) can be anything from Ventriloquism to Lycanthropy (i.e., werewolf transformation) to Invisibility. There are over 200 SPs already created for your Tyosen™ universe, with more in the works. Some are formidable. Others are slight—or so they seem…

Be warned: If used unwisely, SPs can corrupt your perceptions…and turn you into something you didn’t anticipate. (Though we should add: That’s part of the fun, too!)

After studying your stats and your SPs, you then decide what sort of character you’d like to be in Tyosen™. For example, someone with high Courage (C) and Brawn (B), or with the rare SP of Spidering (the ability to sprout extra arms during combat) might consider being a warlord or hwarang (knight). An above-average Agility (A) score and SPs of, e.g., Wind-Walking and River Moving would be excellent qualities for a mischievous nature spirit.

There are myriad options: You can play a mystical monk, or devious bandit, or even a double agent who must master the arts of surveillance and disguise.

Indeed, there are as many professions as you can dream of. Bootlegger. Buccaneer. Welder. Beast-trainer. Stable-hand. Forger. Machinist. Archer. Oracle. Musician. Gnome.

No matter which role you decide upon, you are guaranteed a thrilling, mind-expanding adventure that’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

As you wander this strange and exotic land of Tyosen™—a place parallel to our own world, and occasionally overlapping with it—you learn more and more about the secrets of its past and the hidden forces that threaten to erupt. Violent battles and supernatural cataclysms are not uncommon—but so are vistas of marvelous beauty and mystery.

Streams of molten silver … A valley filled with hundreds of rainbows … Fish that talk … An old man with his face on backwards (what is he saying?)…The two moons, Immuria and Dak-tösh, which never appear in the sky at the same time, except on one night every five years

Not only is the history and geography revealed to you gradually, but so are the rules. They are constantly being added to and altered, and—most importantly—tailored to your experience. It’s a unique approach to gaming, keeping the environment and challenges supple and keeping you, the player, on his or her toes.

Put another way: It’s as though you’re reading the best fantasy novel you can imagine—because you are the main character. Imagine J.R.R. Tolkien, Parker Edwards, or Fritz Leiber weaving a tale so exclusive that only you are privy to its enchanting plot. We sincerely believe that once you try Tyosen™, you won’t want to stop.

So what do you say?

Are you ready for adventure?

To receive your character and first turn, send $5 one dollar in cash to:

TANGUN Games, Inc.
P.O. Box 1902
Emile Bell Station
Portsmouth, NH 03801

See you in Tyosen™!