Zep derives his pen name from a fanzine that he created at age 12 when he was a fan of Led Zeppelin. His first graphic novel to be released in English, A Story of Men, is out in November from IDW. In Europe, he’s best known for the beloved Titeuf, a little boy whose antics have become a publishing phenomenon, popular amongst children and their parents, with 13 books published and printed in millions of copies, and a cartoon series broadcast since 2001 in 240 countries and in 35 languages. He is also the author of  Le Guide du zizi sexuel (text by Hélène Bruller), a humorous practical guide on sexuality for children and their parents, now a must-have for families (2 million copies sold). In 2007, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris inaugurated an exhibition adapting Le Guide du zizi sexuel that attracted record-breaking crowds (350,000 visitors) before travelling to Switzerland and Belgium. In 2004, Zep won the prestigious Grand Prix d’Angoulême for his body of work.