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Román Lujàn

Román Luján, a Mexican poet and literary translator based in Los Angeles, is the author of Instrucciones para hacerse el valiente (2000), Aspa Viento (2003, in collaboration with painter Jordi Boldó), Deshuesadero (2006) and Drâstel (2010). Coeditor of two anthologies of Mexican poetry, his work has appeared in Zur Dos: Última poesía latinoamericana (2004) and Malditos Latinos, Malditos Sudacas: Poesía Iberoamericana Made in USA (2009) among other compilations. His poems and translations have appeared in Jacket2, Matter, Aufgabe and Eleven Eleven, among other journals. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles.