Rama Halaseh

Rama Halaseh is the Senior Manager for International Programs on the Artists at Risk Connection team. Rama oversees all international programming and manages ARC’s regional representatives for Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Rama has a decade of experience working on civic engagement, freedom of expression, and cultural development across the Middle East and North Africa region. While managing the Open Society Foundations (OSF)’s Media, Culture, and Ideas unit, Rama played a leading role in designing and implementing crisis response schemes supporting cultural organizations and artists at risk through participatory grant-making and donor collaboratives. Prior to joining OSF, Rama led IREX’s regional efforts during the war in Syria by providing holistic digital, physical and psychosocial safety training and emergency assistance to hundreds of journalists and citizen journalists. Most recently, Rama led the design and rollout of Meta’s regional social impact and digital literacy strategies with the mission of promoting effective and safe use of online platforms, particularly among vulnerable communities, refugees, and women. Rama is currently based in Madagascar.