Lisa Nishimura

Lisa Nishimura is a current senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), majoring in Criminology. Throughout her college career, she has been an active member in the John Jay community and involved in a number of programs including: being a part of the John Jay Honors Program, a mentor at the John Jay Urban Male Initiative, and a current fellow of the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship funded by the Watson Foundation, in addition to others. Lisa has also interned for a variety of industries ranging from advertising and arts education in juvenile detention facilities. Currently, she is an intern at PEN America’s Prison Writing and Justice Program through CUNY Cultural Corps, and aspires to become an educator in prisons.

Belarusian protesters in background; on top: “I Support PEN Belarus” and PEN America logo

Our sister organization PEN Belarus has spent years uplifting writers and supporting the freedom to write. Now, the government is trying to shut them down. Show your support and tell them they’re not alone.