Jasmine Lewis

Jasmine Lewis (she/her) is a multi-intentional artist, scholar, vanguard of social change, and Poetic Warrior. Jasmine approaches her aspirations in the same way that she perceives the world – kaleidoscopically. She has work with a multitude of organizations – such as building youth activism campaigns with DoSomething.org; crafting social strategies to diversify the media industry with NAL Media; orchestrating music, written pieces, and presentations for Civics Unplugged; organizing regional and nationwide civic engagement events and discussions with When We All Vote, and serving as a Junior Advisory Board member and emotional wellness advocate at selfmade – all to build a more equitable and inclusive society using various perspectives and within different industries. Her mission is to live life authentically and impactfully, beaming a light of possibility to create a legacy that will empower generations to come.