Emmélie Prophète

Emmélie Prophète was born in Port-au-Prince and trained in law and modern literature in Haiti before studying communications at Jackson State University in Mississippi. For eight years, she has run a jazz program on Radio Haiti, and before that she worked as an official Haitian attaché in Geneva for education and cultural diplomacy. She writes for various magazines, including Chemins Critiques, Boutures, Casa de las Americas, Cultura, and La Nouvelle Revue Française. Prophète is the author of two collections of poems, Des marges à remplir (2000) et Sur parure d’ombre (2004). In 2007, she published her first novel, Le Testament des solitudes in Montréal. From 2006 to 2011, Prophète was responsible for the National Directorate of Books, part of the Ministry of Culture in Haiti. Since December 2011, she has edited the cultural section of the Haitian daily Le Nouvelliste and she r