Elias Ephron

Elias Ephron is a 2022/2023 Gap Year/Postgrad Fellow with the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) at PEN America. He is a senior at Bard College, majoring in political science and Spanish studies. In summer 2021, he interned at PEN America in the Free Expression and Education program, where he worked with fellow interns on the “Educational Gag Orders” report. In summer 2022, he was a Free Expression Leadership Fellow working with ARC. He has also recently worked as an office assistant at Bard Prison Initiative (BPI), and as a tutor in his college’s writing center. Having grown up among many artists and writers, he is passionate about creative expression at its intersection with human rights, and sees art for its broad potential as a means of political resistance. Aside from New York, he has lived in California, the UK, and Germany. In his free time he loves reading, writing poetry and short stories, learning languages, and cooking with friends.


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