Apollo Chastain

Apollo Chastain (ze/hir) is a trans cripple-punk who writes poetry for people who didn’t think they’d make it this far and for kids who don’t think they’re gonna make it at all. Ze entwines art with advocacy from the grassroots to the national nonprofit level, on topics ranging from disability justice to trans aid, to center what matters: helping us survive. The recipient of the 2021 Academy of American Poets College Prize for hir university and three-time winner in the National YoungArts competition, Apollo’s writing appears or is forthcoming in journals including Poets.org, Diode Poetry Journal, and The Arkansas International, and under a dead name in journals including The Rumpus and Lunch Ticket. Acting at the intersection of translation, political science, and poetry, Apollo is pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Relations at the University of Rochester. Visit hir at apollo poet.wordpress.com.