This week in the PEN Poetry Series, PEN America features two poems by Mário de Andrade, translated from the Portuguese by Ana Paula.



I’ll go to england
and tell all the ladies in england
that I don’t need them
because i have you.

I’ll go to italy
and i’ll tell all the women in italy
that I don’t need them
because I have you.

I’ll go to estados-unidos
and tell every lady on the estados-unidos
that I have nothing to do with them
because i have you.

then I’ll go to spain
and I’ll tell all the niñas in spain
that I ain’t got nothing to do with them
because I have you.


when I return to brazil
I’ll show you the sister of your hairs,
my triumphant constancy
It will be beautiful to see the sisters hugging on the street!

and I’ll still have to go to a land I know…
but it won’t be to scream my wild happiness..
it will be on a moving silent pilgrimage
of love, of recognition.



finally in the tram on the way home.

the colonel didn’t like the alignment of the arms.
the victorian sergeant ordered ten minutes of running.

it was however so boyish our misalignment
am I Brazilian or German?
it’s certain that Dom Pedro II
would’ve laughed at our misalignment…

the tram swims in the Tietê river.
there were in the mornings full of sunshine of enthusiasm
the monsoons of ambition…
gigantic victories….
no one was bothered by the alignment of guns!
no one ordered: run!
and in the beautiful dawns
of gold of light touching the fog
the flags and the monsoons embarked towards adventure!
but nowadays with its super cheap fake tourmalines!
vida besta infame odiada!
I bring my anger,
triggered —



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