It’s not that I have never seen a bird,
But the peacock is different among birds.
It’s not that I have never seen a snake before,
But Nìnì is the most attractive of snakes.
Even though non-human,
It covers itself in the farm with velvet.
It’s not that I have never seen spinach,
But òpòpò has the most attractive texture to me.
It stands out with its cool dark texture,
The eye that has seen masquerades and festivals
But that has not seen the Gèlèdé performance
Has really not seen anything.
It’s not that I have never seen a young woman,
But the day I briefly saw Títí
Was when I concurred that the work of God is limitless.
Beauty could be in twenty ways.
Beauty could be in thirty ways.
But beauty is different from beauty,
Congenital is different from fashioned,
The natural is different from cosmetic.
Títí is exceptionally beautiful,
She stands out among others.
To be dark-complexioned and shiny too!
To walk and walk gorgeously.
Clear eyes as fresh as the water in the mud pot
Thighs as sweet as a comb of honey.
If you claim to be as beautiful as Títí
Your character cannot be as good as Títí’s,
And even if you say you have good character
Your intelligence cannot be close to that of my friend.
Equitable body, desirably slim
With hair-like-a-crown, her teeth, white as cotton.
If a wise person has character and beauty
She cannot but be highly attractive all over.
And so, what is wrong
That you close your ears to my song?
Open your ears, my song is sweet
It is indeed harmonious.
You own the house where I want to dwell,
You own the door that I am knocking.
Don’t hide your love,
Open the door for me,
I want to enter.

Copyright © 2010 by Akinwumi Isola. All rights reserved.