On March 27, we lost poet, seminal essayist, and activist Adrienne Rich. The loss resonates all the more in the months when women’s rights are once more (and when have they not been?) on the political docket. A wave of reverberations has brought us many tributes to Rich in this past week; here are some that struck us most.

Cathy Park Hong remembers lunch with Adrienne Rich and considers the interaction of “I” and “we.” And Rigoberto Gonzales dives into the wreck.

Honor Moore shares her recollections of Adrienne Rich—we wish we could have been at these readings with Sonia Sanchez and Judy Grahn!

Michael Klein remembers “old friend and first teacher.”

Susan Stinson and Victoria Brownworth chart Rich’s political and poetic trajectories on Lambda Literary—and remind us that Rich said “the moment of change is the only poem.”

Meghan O’Rourke tracks the journey of Rich as feminist.

Visit the discussion about her poems in the context of the Occupy movement. And do keep your eye on VIDA‘s site, where soon a whole constellation of tributes will appear!

Let’s give the final word to Adrienne Rich herself; hear her on the Leonard Lopate show in 1993 — and join us in thanking her spirit for advancing the conversation in an effort to embrace change.