In the past week, hundreds of people have tweeted in PEN’s #FreeExpressionIs campaign, including Bret Easton Ellis, Ai Weiwei, Teju Cole, and, today, Yoko Ono:

These lucky folks won prizes for their great #FreeEpressionIs tweets, ranging from free tickets for 2014 World Voices Festival events to books signed by authors Susan Choi and Masha Gessen.  Plus, they’re still in the running to win two tickets to PEN’s Literary Gala on May 5!*

Think you can do better?

  1. @AugustRusshh: #FreeExpression is a book soaked in raw, revolutionary truth, without a muzzle for its lack of conventional beauty.
  1. @brendanjcahill: #FreeExpressionIs the lifeblood of all other freedoms. Liberty can exist only where all can express their conscience.
  1. @MikeLindgren: #FreeExpressionIs access to libraries, computers, books, Internet, for everyone, not just privileged white people.
  1. @wucker: #FreeExpressionIs making space at the table for diverse voices. For example on digital #media corporate boards.
  1. @EugeniaLeigh: #FreeExpressionIs not having to question whether we should change our name or identity to publish our writing.
  1. @leila_na: #FreeExpressionIs the mother of all freedoms. And like your own mother, you don’t value it enough until you may lose it.
  1. @AmyBBarone: #FreeExpressionIs speaking from the heart and no threat, censorship or political correctness at play.
  1. @marcantoni1984 Literature is the expression of the parts of ourselves that dare not speak under different circumstances #FreeExpressionIs
  1. @BatiaZareh #FreeExpressionIs the opportunity to treat a well-considered idea that deserves expression & its audience w/requisite dignity
  1. @karenLsullivan9 #FreeExpressionIs the right to doubt openly and without retaliation. Has it ever really existed?


Stay tuned—we’re also releasing a few copies of Joseph Anton, signed by Salman Rushdie himself, for the best new tweets that describe, visualize, and imagine what #FreeExpressionIs!

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*Tickets to the 2015 Gala may be substituted upon request.

Contest ends Saturday, May 3 at 11:59pm EDT.