It’s summer, and because you are bound to need something cool, here are new exploding poetry journal offerings for that breath of fresh je-ne-sais-quoi!

Straight off the never-press, the new Claudius App is an unfurling wonder of Macgregor Card, Corina Copp, Joyelle McSweeney, Ariana Reines, Simone White, and a conceptual “correspondence” we will let you uncover for yourself… Nous ne savons pas—but you’ll tell us!

Otherwhere, InDigest Mag is looking really good in its new clothes and most recently digests some Sampson Starkweather. And Jackie Wang helms the July edition of Everyday Genius that brings you new poems every single day, for to check out work by Debbie Hu, Kim Hyesoon, Jenny Zhang, Dana Ward & other mothers.

Are we the last to discover the wonders of Joyland Poetry?—it’s straight-up gorgeous, and this month editor Matthew Timmons offers poems by duo Kate Durbin & Amaranth Borsuk, Frank Sherlock, and many others. Timmons is also the editor of Parrot, to which you should really subscribe, especially if you’re keen on getting the new Vanessa Place. And speaking of Kate Durbin—read her conversation with Kate Zabreno on the VIDA Blog: you must.

There are great poems in the new Memorious: witness Oliver de la Paz and Hafizah Geter.

Apropos hot, we’d be remiss not to mention the correspondence of Matvei Yankelevich and Marjorie Perloff in the LA Review of Books.

Finally for some local props, check out Paige Taggart’s Bling That Sings and this week’s sorceress Amy Lawless, and the new Bianca Stone at TheThePoetry.

Are we missing something? Let us know! We can always use more watermelon seeds. Pomegranate too.

Summertime greetings!