PEN deeply mourns the loss of Frank McCourt—teacher, Pulitzer Prize–winning storyteller, and PEN Member. Mr. McCourt contributed to PEN most generously. He was a frequent literary host at both the annual PEN Gala and the Authors’ Evenings benefits. He was a regular in PEN’s Freedom to Write program, most recently supporting our effort to free Liu Xiaobo, dissident writer and former president of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, and our year-end campaign pressing China on its many Olympic pledges to protect human rights. Now that he’s gone, he will, of course, be missed by his family, his friends, his colleagues at PEN, and his millions of readers around the world. If William Kennedy has it right, “doom may lurk out there for the Protestants, but not for Frank McCourt.” Kennedy expects the “silver-tongued kid from Limerick” to be reporting back to us. Here at PEN, we’ll certainly be listening to anything he has to say.