[Kill bugs dead]

Kill bugs dead. Redundancy is syntactical overkill. A pinprick of peace at the end of the tunnel of a nightmare night in a roach motel. Their noise infects the dream. In black kitchens they foul the food, walk on our bodies as we sleep over oceans of pirate flags. Skull and crossbones, they crunch like candy. When we die they will eat us, unless we kill them first. Invest in better mousetraps. Take no prisoners on board ship, to rock the boat, to violate our beds with pestilence. We dream the dream of extirpation. Wipe out a species, with God at our side. Annihilate the insects. Sterilize the filthy vermin.

[A daughter turned against the grain refuses your gleanings, denies your milk, soggy absorbency she abhors.]

A daughter turned against the grain refuses your gleanings, denies your milk, soggy absorbency she abhors. Chokes on your words when asked about love. Never would swallow the husks you’re allowed. Not a spoonful gets down what you see of her now. Crisp image from disciplined form. Torn hostage ripening out of hand. Boxtop trophy of war, brings to the table a regimen from hell. At breakfast shuts out all nurturant murmurs. Holds against you the eating for two. Why brag of pain a body can’t remember? You pretend once again she’s not lost forever.

[arrives early for the date]

arrives early for the date
to tell him she’s late
he watches her bio clock balk on seepy time
petals out of rhythm docked for trick crimes

flunked the pregnancy test
mistimed space probe, she aborted
legally blind justice, she miscarried
scorched and salted earth, she’s barren

when Aunt Haggie’s chirren throws
an all originals ball
the souls ain’t got a stray word
for the woman who’s wayward

dead to the world
let earth receive her piece
let every dark room repair her heart
let nature and heaven give her release

[the royal yellow sovereign]

the royal yellow sovereign
a fragile glass stained window
black veins hammered gold
folded hands applaud above a budding

flat back green and easy
stacked for salt meat seasoning
some fat on that rack
might make her more tasty

a frayed one way slave’s
sassy fat sashay
fasten her smashing essay
sad to say yes unless

your only tongue turns
me loose excuse my French
native speaker’s opening act
a tight clench in the dark theater

[get off your rusty dusty ]

get off your rusty dusty
give the booty a rest
you must be more than just musty
unless you’re abundantly blessed

I can’t dance don’t chance it
if anyone asks I wasn’t present
see I wear old wrinkles
so please don’t press me

my head ain’t fried
just fresh rough dried
ain’t got to cook
nor iron it neither

you’ve seen the museum of famous hats
where hot comb was an artifact
now it’s known that we use mum or numb our stresses
sometimes forget to fret about our tresses