PEN International is increasingly alarmed by the December 19, 2010, mass arrests of demonstrators, among them writers and journalists, including members of the Belarus PEN Center. It calls for an immediate end to the arrests, the release of all those who are held for their legitimate rights to peaceful protest and freedom of expression, and a full and proper investigation into reports of ill-treatment.

Background Information

Reports today suggest that over 600 people who took part in demonstrations in Minsk on December 19 against the outcome of the recent presidential elections have been arrested and will remain in prison for up to 15 days. Some may then find themselves charged with "mass disturbances" and, if convicted, could serve several years in prison. Among them are a number of writers and journalists, details of whom are being gathered by PEN International (see below). One of the most well known to be arrested is Vladimir Neklyaev, writer and former president of the Belarus PEN Center, who was severely injured, as reported in a PEN Rapid Action Alert issued on December 20, and who was taken from a hospital to an unknown location. Belarus PEN reports that he is now being held by the Belarus State Security Agency (KGB).

"The PEN International community is responding with deep concern and compassion to news of the beating and arrest of our colleague, Vladimir Neklyaev, former president of the Belarus PEN Center, and of other writers and journalists who took part in or attempted to report on events in Minsk," said Marian Botsford Fraser, chair of the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International. "These writers and journalists have had the courage to speak out for democracy in the face of repression. We urge the Belarus authorities to immediately order the release of Mr. Neklyaev and all others arrested in violation of their right to free expression and peaceful assembly, to ensure that those who have suffered beatings be given necessary medical treatment and to address the troubling reports of a profoundly flawed election. We also extend our sympathy to Mr. Neklyaev and his family, and to our colleagues in Belarus PEN."

PEN has received reports of the following arrests of writers and journalists:

  • Vladimir Neklyaev, writer, poet, leading member of the Tell the Truth party and its candidate in the presidential elections, and former president of the Belarus PEN Center. He is now being held in a KGB detention center.
  • Pavel Severinets, an opposition activist, author of several books, and a member of Belarus PEN, which recently awarded him their book of the year prize. He is also being held in KGB detention.
  • Aleksandr Fiaduta, an author and literary critic, member of Belarus PEN. He was a former staffer of Lukashenka's administration, but resigned after a few months in 1994, and then published a critical biography of the president which, although available in Russia, is banned in Belarus. He is now a member of Neklyaev's Tell the Truth party and is among those held by the KGB.
  • Nadina Radzina, Dimitri Bondarenko, and all staff and volunteers of Charter 97, said to be Belarus's only independent online web site, were arrested after the site had suffered a cyber-attack believed to be government initiated. Radzina was reportedly beaten and both she and Bondarenko are said to be held by the KGB.
  • Natalia Koliada and Tiomo Zhalianzniak, founders of the Belarus Free Theatre, which recently performed in London, and to which the UK playwright Sir Tom Stoppard is a patron. Koliada was held briefly and is now said to be in hiding. Zhaliazniak's whereabouts are unknown.
  • Irina Khalip, journalist for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and wife of opposition candidate Andrei Sannikov, also arrested. She was severely beaten by police while giving an interview to the Russian radio station Echo Moskvy. She is being held by the KGB.
  • At least 20 journalists are reported by the Committee to Protect Journalists to have been arrested. CPJ reports of police violence against Belarusian and foreign journalists attempting to cover the demonstrations, with cameras and recording equipment seized and smashed, beatings and injuries.

Write A Letter

  • Condemning the arrest and ill-treatment of Vladimir Neklyaev and other writers, human rights activists, and journalists;
  • Expressing alarm at reports that some have been beaten and that they are held in poor prison conditions;
  • Urging as a matter of urgency that all prisoners be provided with any necessary medical attention, and that their whereabouts be made known;
  • Urging that all writers and journalists held by authorities for the peaceful practice of their rights to freedom of expression and association be freed immediately, and that a full and proper investigation be held into reports of ill treatment.

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