International PEN is deeply concerned by recent reports of the deteriorating health of imprisoned activist and writer Hu Jia, who is serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence for “inciting subversion of state power” for his critical writings and dissident activities. There are reports that Hu Jia’s family has been denied access to visit him and that he was transferred to another prison. PEN calls for Hu Jia to be given all necessary medical care and seeks information on his whereabouts. PEN considers Hu Jia to be held solely for peacefully exercising his right to free expression, which is protected under Article 35 of the Chinese Constitution and Article 19 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which China is a signatory. PEN calls for his immediate and unconditional release.

Background Information

Hu Jia suffers from long-term health problems, including cirrhosis of the liver, and his condition is said to be deteriorating in prison. His family reports that he has been denied access to specialized medical care and that they have been denied the right to visit him since early May, when he was transferred to another prison. His current whereabouts are unknown. Hu Jia was sentenced on April 3, 2008 to a three-and-a-half-year sentence and one year's denial of political rights on charges of "inciting subversion to state power" for articles and interviews critical of China's government.

Write A Letter

  • expressing serious concerns for the deteriorating health and lack of sufficient medical treatment for  Hu Jia, and seeking assurances of his well-being;
  • protesting for the refusal of Hu Jia’s family visits;
  • seeking information on Hu Jia’s whereabouts;
  • demanding Hu Jia’s immediate and unconditional release.

Send Your Letter To

Please send a copy of your appeal to the Chinese embassy in your country, asking them to forward it and welcoming any comments.

President of the People’s Republic of China
His Excellency Hu Jintao
State Council
Beijing 100032
P.R. China

Procurator General
Mr. Jia Chunwang
Supreme People's Procuratorate
Beiheyan Street 147
100726 Beijing
P.R. China

Please note that fax numbers are no longer available for the Chinese authorities, so you may wish to ask the diplomatic representative for China in your country to forward your appeals.

Please check with the PEN,  if sending appeals after June 10, 2008: ftw [at]