International PEN is concerned by reports that mafia members in Italy who were denounced in Roberto Saviano’s novel Gomorrah have reportedly announced he will be assassinated by Christmas. Saviano told the press that he is leaving Italy as a consequence. For the last two years, he has lived under permanent police protection.

Background Information

International PEN, the world association of writers, is appalled by the threats to the life of Italian author Roberto Saviano arising following the publication of his novel, Gomorra, that draws upon his research into the Neapolitan mafia. Threats to his life have apparently increased since the recent launch of a feature film based on the book.

Saviano is one of many writers worldwide who, in speaking out and describing the world around them, are placed into enormous danger. This year alone 31 writers and journalists have been murdered in the course of their profession. PEN urges all governments to take measures to protect them, and to bring those who use threat and murder as a means of censorship to justice.

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