First Prize
Charles Culhane
Ossing, NY
Of Cold Places

Second Prize
Gary Waitkeepe
Jamestown, CA
To Sleep on a Submarine

Third Prize (tie)
Thomas Berkelbaugh
Pittsburgh, PA
The Short on Q (As In Cucumber) Range

Nolan Gelman
Frackville, PA
Fairhill Prison

Honorable Mentions
Wajih M. Danoun
Salem, OR
The Wall Keeper

Kenneth B. Davenport
Pittsburgh, PA
The Lie

Joe Labriola
Bridgewater, MA
Hideous Hideaway

Harrison Mack
Comstock, NY
Reductio ad absurdum

Daniel Remington
Deer Lodge, MT
The Knave of Hearts, A Sestina

Thomas Patrick Smith
Jackson, MI
Jericho Revisited


First Prize
Timothy J. Haley
Shelton, WA
The Gimme

Second Prize
Earl R. Hamilton
Lima, OH
The July Journal

Third Prize
Theodore R. Turner
Pembrooke Pines, FL

Honorable Mentions
Dennis L. Lehman
Butner, NC
The Role of the Droll Troll

Patrick J. Powers
Butner, NC
The Well

Leon Gary Wolfe


First Prize
Carlos Hornsby
Attica, NY
Birds of a Feather

Second Prize
Robert Ruiz
Comstock, NY
He Who Loved the Land

Third Prize (tie)
Raymond J. Barham
Concord, NH

Reginald S. Lewis
Huntingdon, PA
Sweeter Than Sugar

Honorable Mentions
Charles Culane
Ossining, NY
August Picnic

Rose M. Davis
St. Gabriel, LA
The Fears of a Little Country Prison Girl

William Hester
Tucson, AZ
The Great American Sedative

Robert Keene
Lovelady, TX
How the Catcher in the Rye Ruined My Life

John Crispin
Alden, NY
Essential Incarceration

Thomas Nusunginya
Nome, AK
A Whale Hunting Heritage

Charles Schuster
Trenton, NJ
No Pain


Award Winner
Raymond Fernandez
Helmuth, NY
If This Is Serious, Why Am I Laughing?