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Freedom to Write

To respect the humanity and religious beliefs of minorities is not to suggest that we should limit freedom of thought on their behalf. More

Shriek it, chant it: ‘Howl’ turns 50

On stage in the New School auditorium, moderator and literary biographer Robert Polito described Howl to hundreds in the audience as a "grim but funny effort" that, like much… More

Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You

Why have prominent foreign scholars had their visas to speak or teach in this country denied or revoked? Many, including the academic institutions who invited them, are baffled. More

An Enlightenment Fundamentalist

Like an increasing number of immigrants in the West who refuse to have a "victim" label pinned to their lapels, the Dutch-Somalian actress, author, and politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali… More

A literary world out there, but not for U.S.

By both force of numbers and abundant literary talent, however, many of the writers challenged America's stinginess toward other literary cultures, what Italian writer Roberto Calasso called "a lethal… More

A Dark & Powerful Force From Down South

If you haven't heard of Roberto Bolano, you will soon. The Chilean author, who died of liver failure in 2003, was the subject of a major panel discussion at… More

A Chill in the Air

"Thanks in large part to the Patriot Act, our government is once again excluding foreign writers and scholars from the country simply because of their political beliefs." >> Read… More

Literary Voices, Loud & Clear

The Argentinean-born author Rodrigo Fresan spoke at a BenettonTalk Young Writers Series on Saturday, as part of the PEN World Voices Festival. His new novel, "Kensington Gardens," is a… More