Something strange seems to be going on at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. According to a few reports from members of the media on Twitter, journalists have allegedly been denied entrance to the Trump Hotel during inauguration week. One reporter was reportedly told that media weren’t allowed in the hotel; Another reporter was allegedly told that only guests were allowed in. Considering Trump’s contentious relationship with the media, some are wondering: is anyone allowed to visit the Trump International Hotel in D.C., or do you actually have to be a guest?

As it turns out, it seems like anybody should be allowed to visit the hotel during a reasonable span of hours each day. According to CNN, the 60-year lease Trump has with the federal government on the hotel requires that the public have access to the property’s historic areas, with the only exception being for public safety. 

According to Politico, it’s also against D.C. law for public places (such as hotels) to deny entrance to people based on their source of income (such as, perhaps, journalists or, you know, anyone who’s not rich). When Politico reached out to Patricia Tang, the Trump International Hotel’s director of sales and marketing, about the journalists’ refusal, she reportedly responded: