Welcome to the Walt days of summer. Today we praise our expansive poetic father, Walt Whitman, whose birthday we just celebrated! Celebrate with us:

If you’re around New York, visit the Walt Whitman Birthplace on Long Island (never say “in”) for a Marathon Reading of “Song of Myself” on Sunday, June 3.

Before you go, load up on Walt over at Poets.org & the Poetry Foundation. Take a peek at his notebook and learn about the genesis of “Leaves of Grass.” Too, listen to James Earl Jones and construction worker John Doherty read “Song of Myself.”

Long Island can be a deliciously burdensome place: just check out how Whitman haunts the movie L.I.E. But his cine-hauntings start much earlier, with Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand’s 1921 short film Manhatta—a classic that every poet really should watch. For more, see (of course) Dead Poets Society (1989), The Civil War (1990), Beautiful Dreamers (1990) and our favorite, When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl (2012).

Around New York, you might even run into… well, see for yourself—even as you take a walking tour of Whitman’s SoHo and Whitman’s Printing House! In Washington, DC, there’s the walking tour of Whitman’s Washington. There’s also a Whitman House in Camden, NJ. If you find yourself in Brooklyn or Moscow, hang out with some Walt Whitman statues. And when you get home, have a piece of cake in his honor, and listen to “Walt Whitman” from Trampled by Turtles!

Finally, let Harold Bloom tell you why there is no Walt Whitman stamp.

And whatever you do—don’t buy the jeans.