In a world of inspired poetry Twitter and tumblr…nay, in a state of status update and animated gif, whatever happened to the blog scrolls of yore where poetic thought is explored ad hoc in post and comment alike? The poetry blog is alive and well; collective concerns like Montevidayo and THEthe Poetry Blog are thriving, and today we’ll celebrate some lone rangers lighting up the night with their blogged thought:

Elisa Gabbert collects her favorite tweets of all time for a nice case of cross-platform meta, then chattily dissects poems and poetics plural.

Anne Boyer posts sharp prose, poems and theoretical musings that are never anything less than an experiment in wonder.

Sina Queyras aka Lemon Hound practices the gently incisive art of reviewing and thinks about lyric conceptualism.

Craig Santos Perez enlightens us from Hawaii with notes on Chamoru literature.

Dodie Bellamy‘s belladodie manifests the best of “literary meets ephemeral atop a byte,” like in this post on Claude Cahun & AWP.

Bhanu Kapil reports in her inimitable voice the progress of her novel on Ban, travels, reading Adorno & goings-on at Naropa… We miss you, Bhanu.

We depend on Pierre Joris for news on poetry in translation and what goes on beyond American borders.

Let us also name the queen and king of the we-depend-on-you prom: Carolyn Zaikowski and Mike Young, please never stop blogging. Julia Cohen too.

And when it comes to blogged projects, Rob McLennan has created an incredible archive of interviews with poets, and CA Conrad features over 150 videos of poets reading their work on JUPITER 88.

Enjoy the summer with these heroes of po-blogging pour po-blogging—and leave them a comment while you’re at it!