Obsession: Andrew Solomon on Sleep

Author and essayist Andrew Solomon has written on a widely divergent range of topics, including Soviet artists, Libyan governance, childrearing, and the politics of the deaf. For this event,… More

Jonathan Lethem & Patti Smith

I would go to rummage sales or church bazaars and pick out books for pennies, for a quarter. I got a first edition Dickens with a green velvet cover… More

Public Lives/Private Lives

A Morning in Brooklyn It is too early yet to be awake. In a dreamjust now I walkedthrough a house I once lived ineverything shabby now varnished and glitteringa… More

Public Lives/Private Lives

LaborMy handwriting is rough, a prisoner’s scriptedletter, the cropped fields and your winter handsfolding into my pockets for lack of gloves.I could go in any direction in this field… More

Home & Away

Dorothea Dieckmann on Home & AwayWhen home is where you come from, aren’t you always away? On all your ways you want to come home again, trying to find… More