Stupor in Our Time

The one thing these candidates have in common is a genuine desire for fundamental change. That and the naiveté to believe such change is possible. My father, even at… More

Money and Translation

Is there anything we can do, as writers and translators, to break the causal chain of financial influence in the U.S. reception and publication of foreign literature? More

The Invisible Symposium

It is useful to remember that when you ride the subway, turn on the lights, brush your teeth, switch on your computer, dispose of your selected garbage, watch the… More

Bravery in Poetry

PEN World Voices Festival teams up with The Poetry Society of America to present this thoughtful, elegantly staged evening of readings and dialogue on the importance of moral courage… More

Obsession: Andrew Solomon on Sleep

Author and essayist Andrew Solomon has written on a widely divergent range of topics, including Soviet artists, Libyan governance, childrearing, and the politics of the deaf. For this event,… More

Jonathan Lethem & Patti Smith

I would go to rummage sales or church bazaars and pick out books for pennies, for a quarter. I got a first edition Dickens with a green velvet cover… More

Public Lives/Private Lives

A Morning in Brooklyn It is too early yet to be awake. In a dreamjust now I walkedthrough a house I once lived ineverything shabby now varnished and glitteringa… More

Public Lives/Private Lives

LaborMy handwriting is rough, a prisoner’s scriptedletter, the cropped fields and your winter handsfolding into my pockets for lack of gloves.I could go in any direction in this field… More