The Temporary Gentleman

So I was standing there, flush with my winnings, not thinking of much, as always somewhat intoxicated by being at sea, somewhat in love with an unknown coastline, and… More

You’ll Kiss Her Softly

You know it’s not cool for a man to talk about something that pussified. But you can’t help it. The four-letter word and you. She is older, actually. She’s… More

The Child

ZELDA: You never touched your bank account. / VANESSA: No. / ZELDA: How come? / VANESSA: It belonged to another person. I was no longer that person. I… More

The Noon Signal

These are the available facts regarding the Clementinum’s Astronomical Tower: it is the pale yellow of butter pecan ice cream; the eight-sided cupola at its apex boasts a wrap-around… More

Ah Write!

Ah write / ‘cause sometimes / My spirit like it waan’ die / Ah write / ‘cause the hurt / Bitter like cyakkle tongue / Ah write / ‘cause… More