Strip Search

William Miller88A043 B-5-26Box BDannemora, NY 12929Strip SearchI am standing nudeto the leftof a half open windowin the middle of Octoberand the cool airchills melike an artificial kiss.I am being… More

Retired from the Game

Retired from the Game“Umm . . . excuse me, miss.” I halted the sensuous stride of the six-feet beauty of a correctional officer.“Yes?” she snapped, pausing with an attitude,… More


Someone told me there are 365 references in the Bible to fear. Basically, all of them say, “Fear not, for I, the Lord thy God, am with you.” So,… More

A Fresh End

It is important to find the right place for an ending. Places we pass through are easily forgotten; whether the right place at the right time or not, we… More

The Hunt

It was close to three A.M. My father and I were in his truck, driving to our new hunting spot. Right before the spot was a small creek. I… More

Zargana: Oblivion

OblivionAt night the moonbeams snap.The stars are suffocated.That maligned, unhappy barn owlscreeches out its grief.The old train on the trackshurtles to its destructionwheezing out its last breath. And I? I… More

Days of Our Lives

Military Contractors and financial companies led shares higher yesterday . . .As bombs beat blood out of Palestinian RefugeesIn response to the latest suicide blood oathIn the name of… More