Burlap sack snaps in the windagain, the turn-rows grow longer.Along the way, days become bygones—dandelions dancing in the breeze.Knees dig into loose soil,toiling hands peel away a husk.Dusk meets… More

An Ordinary Prison

Peer into a prisonariumWe travel in a fish bowlPut your ear to the glass and hearA mumbled roar with shrill highlightsCardsharks hunched over scores and crumbsSlapping cards and grunting… More

Solitary Confinement

Most Americans don’t know that the Bureau of Prisons has the sole authority to put any prisoner in solitary confinement—or in any prison facility—for any amount of time under… More

Escape Risk

CAST   SKULL LESTER TOOTY BUZZARD ERSKINE GRANGER BETTY JEETER   A madman A fool A blimp An old pervert A runaround A guard A nurse An off-stage voice SCENE: A four-man CELL, open toward the audience, back of the cell are vertical steel bars, with a center… More

Where do Popsickles Go When Dey Die?

(where do popsickles go when dey die?)Or/De SunflowerOnce dere was a small-town Girl.Who used to run barefoot’ddown shoe-beaten pathsDiggin her toes into warm moist’d sandup ‘n down country roads…smilin… More


Richard Knox139-896PO Box 69London, OH 43140TurmoilAs I sit within my cell…within the mess I’ve madeI sense another self inside amused at dreams mislaidDreams and plans—and intentions gone astrayAnd I… More

Soliloquy In A Cell

Nothing seems to be anything but a total miscarriage lost in the stigma of pronouncing due process. ‘Branded’ Sank’s scars depress a prisoner of society.“A good man can be… More

The Chuck

Orville E. SpicerDrawer N-50570Trenton, NJ 08625 I have been brought up on charges of thumbing my nose at two Officers. Now, can anyone believe such a think? No! The most… More