About as Fast as This Car Will Go

He walked into the living room, looking back at me every so often, lifting objects and replacing them, opening doors, nudging things on the tables, showing me how silently… More

The King of Little Things

After marching for days, King Normous and his armies at last neared the land of the King of Little Things. This would not be a fair fight. And that’s… More

Introduction by the Author

Facts of the past slip away into constellations, forever subject to interpretation. But words? Ah, words will dig their serif'd fingers into gray matter and take hold. More

Bird Brains

What’s in it for ESPN to support this book? Why would the network that stages the rough equivalent of a Harry Potter movie every week let us dig into… More

Winners of the 2014 PEN Literary Awards

Poet Frank Bidart, cultural critic James Wolcott and playwright David Rabe are among the winners of PEN Literary Awards announced this morning in New York. The prizes from the… More