Almost Dead

1I climbed aboard the Little No. 5 as I did every morning on my way to work. ‘Little No. 5’ is what I call the minibus-sized cab which follows… More

In a Dark Wood

Summer comes, and autumn. Days pass, months fly by. He clears up the shop and buys in goods. He gets bread from the baker and vegetables from the greengrocer.… More

The Black Minutes

I had the most important nightmare of my life so far while traveling in a bus down a highway flanked by pine trees. I haven’t been able to figure… More


PrologueThe Panther lurks no longer in foreign shadows—he’s come home to rest. Crispin Salvador’s fitting epitaph, by his request, is merely his name.—from an unattributed obituary, The Philippine Sun,… More

Jesus Boy

VIII. Testament of Fire and LamentationsWe may live in a tent or a cottage,And die in seclusion alone;But the Father Who seeth in secret,Remembers each one of His own.We… More


BulbjergWe suddenly found ourselves in an astonishing landscape: luminous, white-sand hills on all sides, wind-swept trees twisting beneath the blue, open sky. We gasped for breath, joyfully, as if… More

In the Time of Jaguars

Having lived many years in the scrub grass in the way of birds/ The boy took on a bird’s kind of stare—/ He obtained a fountain-esque vision./ he observed… More