At PEN Gala, Rowling Calls Trump ‘Bigoted’

The annual PEN Literary Gala, held at the American Museum of Natural History on Monday, honored Hachette Book Group CEO Michael Pietsch, author J.K. Rowling, imprisoned Egyptian journalist Ahmed… More

J K Rowling honoured by PEN America

JK Rowling has been honoured by PEN America with the 2016 PEN/Allen Foundation Literary Service Award. The Harry Potter author received the award for her work that "opposes oppression… More

J.K. Rowling jabs at Christian fundamentalists

Author J.K. Rowling on Monday took a wry swipe at Christian fundamentalists who deploy the phrase, "I'm praying for you." Speaking at the 2016 PEN America Literary Gala, the "Harry… More

The PEN Gala: JK Rowling’s Civics Lecture

In all of recorded history, a writer receiving an award has never been richer than the collective net worth of 99 percent of her audience. But here was JK… More

J.K. Rowling Defends Free Speech—and Donald Trump

JK Rowling wants to remind you that freedom of expression includes people whose opinions you find most “offensive and bigoted.” Chief among them, for her: presumptive Republican nominee Donald… More

Belarusian protesters in background; on top: “I Support PEN Belarus” and PEN America logo

Our sister organization PEN Belarus has spent years uplifting writers and supporting the freedom to write. Now, the government is trying to shut them down. Show your support and tell them they’re not alone.